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Gavin Manerowski | Recreational tennis, grabbing Britain every Summer

Recreational tennis enjoys a boom each and every summer time during the Wimbledon tournament, but is there any real growth occurring in the sport in the Gavin Manerowskilong term? Like golf, tennis is a fantastic sport to be able to play recreational and can even be a good tool for social situations.

The national governing body for tennis “British Tennis” offer services to recreational players that allow people to locate courts, coaches and competitions easily. Equally all across suburban Britain, tennis courts can be seen flourishing with members and one-off players most evenings and weekends. For casual players with a simple interest in the sport like Gavin Manerowski represents a great way to stay fit and healthy, as well as enjoying time with others.

Tennis arrived in Britain with the middle classes, as a result of the industrial revolution, where there was more land available to the newly affluent factory owners and consequently they were able to engage in racket sports, at first in the form of play rather than competition.  Walter Wingfield developed the garden party version of the game, and made sets of rackets and balls available for purchase to the middle classes. The routes of tennis also consist in part of the sport Real Tennis, which was formed in the medieval period in Britain, and still exists on a small scale today.

Tennis clubs hold an appeal to people such as Gavin Manerowski for not only the social and health reasons, but also the convenience. Individual sports are often easier to join in the first instance, and hold many of the same social benefits as team sports anyway. British Tennis makes it easy for people to become involved at the grass-roots level, and consequently people like Gavin Manerowski are drawn into the sport. Once playing recreationally, there is a simple progression pathway into competition, which British Tennis also makes readily available to patrons of the game.

With the success of Brit’ Andy Murray, the sport has become more and more popular in Britain, and continues to receive time on television throughout the year.