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Gavin Manerowski | Greece in the Spring time

Greece is one of Europe’s most popular holiday destinations, and as such invests heavily in its tourism industry. For those wishing to travel to Greece, like regular holiday goer Gavin Manerowski, the country offers a multitude of options. Although there is sunshine galore in the spring, there are areas in the high mountains, including the dragon lakes that tend to attract more of a breeze.  The weather in Greece can get extremely hot, and therefore a spring time break rather than a summer excursion might appeal more to the holiday goer. Noted Greek enthusiast Gavin Manerowski particularly enjoys the 5,600 species of plants that can be admired across the country.

Gavin Manerowski

Of course Greece is famous for its history as much as its present day appeals. The Ancient Greeks are largely renowned as one of the most intelligent collections of people to ever exist on planet earth, making huge discoveries about the world we live in, despite having nowhere near the technological advantages of the present day. Greek History can be followed back as far as the Stone Ages, with examples of Ancient Greek hunters being readily discovered and examined. Amongst the proud history of Ancient Greece is none other than Herodotus, a man known to many as the ‘father of history’. Today, we are able to learn about the Ancient Greeks and their time through his records, but also through things like temples, pottery and other objects of the time.

For people interested in Greece as a country, not simply a holiday location such as Gavin Manerowski it is important to look at the Economy.  A subject of ridicule in many of the EU countries, especially Great Britain and Germany, the Greek economy has faced some difficulty in recent years. Since adopting the euro, Greece has faced some difficulty in financial terms, and from 2010 onwards has been known for the “Greek debt crisis”. This debt crisis came about due to Greece and other countries borrowing large sums of money from banks without following the proper methods to denote this borrowing. The debt crisis continues today.