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Gavin Manerowski’s Journey to Malaysia In The Harvesting Festival

Gavin Manerowski in Malaysia

As you may start to plan your vacation, consider visiting the beautiful and interesting country of Malaysia. You’ll be delighted with the multicultural make-up of the Malays, Chinese and Indians. They discuss the cultural traditions of the Kadazan-Dusun, Iban and various others. Special Malaysia tours will give you such a variety of attractions and activities you’ll want to plan another trip to be sure you don’t miss anything at all.Gavin Manerowski on Malaysia Trip

Many people love to plan their journeys around different holidays and events. During the last year, Gavin Manerowski planned a trip at a very special time is the Tadau Kaamatan, also known as the harvesting Festival. This is a festival that celebrates the ending of harvest and the beginning of a fresh season. The activities get started surrounding the end of May and continue for an entire month. Your Malaysia tour throughout the festival will be filled up with watching traditional dances, cultural performances, traditional sports activities and the Unduk Ngadau pageant. That is the crowning of The Harvest Festival Queen. You won’t want to miss a bite of all the traditional food and the possibility to get involved in the interactive activities.

As you have a chance to study the history of the Harvest Festival you will discover how closely the Kadazan-Dusun individuals were attached to rice planting and farming. They believe their great ancestors suffered an awful famine. Their god, Kinoingan, felt so bad for these people that he offered his daughter, Huminodun, as a sacrifice. It is said that her flesh was spread over the fields and land. From her flesh sprang each of the first rice plants. The Kadazan-Dusun people believe Huminodun’s soul is embodied in the rice. The Harvest Celebration is the celebration to honor the sacrifice and blessings. The friendship and merry making will continue through the month in several different ritual periods.

It is wonderful to visit Malaysia during a special holiday or event, but it is also incredibly exciting to plan one of the Malaysia tours to see the history and beauty of the country. You will see primeval jungles with unique wildlife, beautiful beaches with crystal blue water and exciting cosmopolitan night life. Or, you might visit places like Kuala Lumpur, Langkawi, Penang and Borneo. Your trip to Malaysia will be nothing briefest of the trip of a lifetime!