Gavin Manerowski | France Specialty: Life Is Too Short For Average Food

Gavin Manerowski French FoodOne of the best things about visiting a new place, or traveling to a new country will always make you to explore the different culture, a different environment, different food, which makes that place special and living for any traveler. People keep exploring different places only due to its specialty in something, whether its culture, architect, or cuisine. One single country can offer an enormous variety of dishes. Food is always making that special and better for any explorer and traveler. Foods to keep on changing with the countries because every country differs in their culture and eating habit. There may be no better way to really get know a country than by first meeting its people, and second by investing the cuisines.

French cooking represent one of the greatest cooking on this planet. Many dishes are rich with their use of cream and alcohol… France also specializes in exquisite patisseries, Liquors, marvelous choice of wine also greet you when you visit France cuisine is reputed to be the finest in the world and has greatly influenced the cooking methods of western culture. Regional cuisine represents traditional recopies where different cooking style and ingredient are used.

Gavin Manerowski loves the variety of food eaten by French; people can be realized by following the 4 meals that usually take place at the French table. Bread and wine are always present, and the meal consists of “entrée” or opening meal. The “Plat Principal” or main course meal. The “Fromage” or cheese meal follow next itself follow by the dessert dish. When you visit France, you may be surprised when you sit down to breakfast. The traditional breakfast doesn’t consider of bacon and eggs, but instead sweet rolls and coffee. French coffee also smells and taste incredible.

One well known French delicacy is the croissant. The French take a lot of pride in making this buttery delight. When you think of French food, there are certain unusual dishes to consider. Snail known as “Escargot” is cooked in delightful butter. “Steak tartare” is another uniquely French food. This dish is a finally chopped off beef, seasoned and marinated and served very rare. It is also cooked in alcohol and when enjoyed with a glass of red wine is a memorable experience.

A famous signature French dish is “Croque Monsieur” or “Croque Madame”. This is a sandwich much like a grilled cheese, but with a twist. Ham is placed in, providing a surprise for expecting a normal grilled cheese.

For those who are a meat lover, be sure to enjoy the famous French dishes, steak frites, which is really steak and French fries. Dessert is not to be missed and sure to be considered and be sure to consider the French cookie called Macaron. Other popular selections are traditional ice cream, chocolate and variety of Danish.

Food cuisine is justifiable famous all over the world. Paris is the unofficial food capital of the world and adds to the amazing food a huge variety of wines and cheese and you will have all the ingredients for a wonderful vacation.

So France is such an extraordinary experience as for culture, and food, so go and get the famous taste of French cuisine which will leave you spellbound.

Light, refined, learned and noble, harmonious, and orderly, clear and logical, the cooking of France is something that made its cuisines the world better…