About Gavin Manerowski

Most people like to travel, but there are some who like to travel more than others! Self-employed finance expert Gavin Manerowski devotes much time in the pursuit of travel and discovery. Never satisfied with the conventional holiday outings that most people settle for, Gavin has travelled to many exotic and exciting places all around the world, including Thailand, Malaysia, Canada and Greece.

The world has much to offer and Gavin Manerowski is one person who knows just how interesting and exciting travel can be. But it is not all paradise – from deforestation to endangered species, many regions are suffering as a result of human activity. Raising awareness of such issues is very important, both locally and on a wider scale, and this is something that Gavin is working to achieve.

Gavin ManerowskiOther interests include football and fitness. Whether at home or off on an adventure, Gavin’s support for Liverpool F.C. is unwavering. He likes to keep in shape by swimming and playing tennis, and other general interests include swimming, baking, foreign cuisine and scuba diving. This blog offers information on Gavin’s many interests – particularly travel – and readers with the same hobbies and interests are encouraged to check back regularly for the latest information.

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