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Best Family Vacation Destinations | Gavin Manerowski

Gavin Manerowski - Family DestinationGavin Manerowski is a solo traveler and he loves his each journey. He mostly visits and explores the different countries alone, but he believes that with family, travel can be more amazing. Whenever he looks at the family vacation pictures, he feels great happiness. He experienced a very warm feeling because of shared moments with loved ones. Gavin Manerowski is a great traveler so he has visited various countries. He describes the different experiences regarding solo traveler and travel with family. There are many good things about a trip with family members.

Gavin Manerowski described some benefits of traveling with family, like –

  • It is a way to create memories together – At the present time due to hectic work schedule, we are not getting enough time to spend with family. Sometimes when things go against as expected, it makes the best memories. Later on, by remembering that time we use to smile and laugh. Gavin Manerowski says that everyone should plan a trip with the family to create beautiful memories for a lifetime.
  • Expanding the perspective – When we go outside with the family, we realize that there is a huge world outside. This realization helps to expand our perspective and thoughts. Moving to a new city, tasting different foods and experiencing a foreign country give us knowledge about new things.  It helps to make us more adaptive to different perspectives and also gives us new things to talk about.
  • We learn to share – In today’s hectic world, most of the families do not have time to sit together and share thoughts. So, when they go for a trip together, it forms a great bonding between them. Family members can get time to share thoughts. It creates greater understanding, love and care among family members.

Best Destinations all over the world to travel with family -

Gavin Manerowski described some best destinations to travel with family. That includes the following –

  • Denmark – It is a beautiful place with lots of free music and fireworks. Denmark is very famous for its delicious food also. We can say that this place is built for kids, having awesome central amusement park. It is a compact place, but very beautiful to visit with family.
  • Thailand – It is a place that combines beaches, temples and the great food together. Thailand is the great choice for an exotic trip. This place is very natural and relaxing. We can enjoy being around beaches having calm water.  This is one of the best places for family trips.
  • Belize -   Trip to Belize is affordable and well suitable for families. It is a very adventurous place for kids moreover; kids can learn the drum on the beach. There is super wildlife to see like crocodiles, sea turtles and sharks. People of any age can do more fun in the water.
  • Kerala, India – Kerala is a perfect choice for a family trip. Its wildlife parks, beaches, castles and jungles help to keep everyone in the family happy. Kerala is a family-friendly place. Its greenery attracts visitors a lot and food of Kerala is just mind blowing. The food there is less spicy and sweetened with coconut milk.
  • New York City, USA  – This is an amazingly beautiful place to go for kids of all ages. It has an awesome museums and art galleries. Its beauty cannot be described in words. You should visit this place to believe its beauty. New York City is one of the favorite cities of Gavin Manerowski.
  • Italy – Italy is a kind of place that will welcome you in all ways. All the family members can feel relaxed in the most exclusive restaurants. Most interesting things of Italy include the world’s best ice cream, beaches, caves and beautiful villas.

Gavin Manerowski believes that all the family members benefit from spending quality family time together. Children feel special when their parent pays attention to them and takes the time to do fun activities with them. It also creates a stronger emotional bond between parents and children.


Various Cities in Portugal to Visit | Gavin Manerowski

Gavin Manerowski Portugal TourThe stunning southern European nation lies on the Atlantic Ocean whilst it has the fabulous temperature climate with exceptionally long hot summers experienced in the Algarve region and in the interior of the nation, it has the fabulous and the dramatic  coastline which has been crafted by the sea and the dramatic winter winds.  If you want to visit a truly beautiful European nation with an abundance of history, culture, and charm, you should travel with Gavin Manerowski in Portugal. The nation is thrilling cities to explore such as Faro, Lisbon, and Porto. It has miles and miles of untouched coastline, it has the Algarve, which is a tourism center and which is home to some incredible tourist attraction. It is an area of conservation and wildlife as well as playing host to some of the finest beaches in Europe and stunning coastal scenery. Largely a protected area, Algarve is a paradise for nature lovers and a range of amazing landscape. The sheer biodiversity and range of flora and fauna in the area make this part of Algarve excellent for outdoor holidays.

Portugal is a friendly, low key place; much of its fringed by golden sands and endless dunes. Its rolling interior is perfect for rolling on foot by kayak, by bike or even on horseback- though a large part of the country charm comes from a languorous day on the beach. Yet its capital Lisbon superbly sited on the Tajo river estuary is popular for Manueline monuments and medieval alleyways. Porto the second city of Portugal is famous for UNESCO world heritage site is the best place to sample some of the many varieties of Portugal other notable contribution to the world. Mountain makes up the bulk of the frontier with Spain, with the large number of rivers of Minho in the north and the guardian in the south adding to the natural divide. Beaches and high mountain aside the rest of Portugal is a diverse and Vedant country of deep hills and rolling hills dotted with the stone built village, There are various other beautiful sites that you cannot miss: Going to Sintra that is only a half hour train ride from Lisbon and the perfect destination for a day trip. Literally steps into fairytale as you explore the castle and garden fit for kings and queen. The other wonderful sites are Douro River, when you are in Portugal this is an important destination to visit. It is known for its beautiful scenery, it has wonderful sites and an adventurous. Go for Lisbon’s Oceanarium, it is the largest indoor aquarium in Europe with 450 marine species. The tanks are so expansive that they put off a feeling of snorkeling without being physically under the water. Kayak in Lagos is also another wonderful site, these are the best kept beaches in Europe, and Lagos is a piece of paradise that cannot be missed. You will also explore the caves of the Algarve coast. The one experience that will be memorable to you is to swim with the blue shark; this is extremely unique and specific. Head west right off the coast of Portugal and you will find the Azores, nine largely uniquely uninhabited volcanic islands. Of these islands visitors have the rare opportunity to dive with the sharks, few places in the world access to this beautiful but largely harmless sea creature. Lastly, you will get amazed how eco- conscious the country was. You will see the greenery everywhere; Portugal is a world leader when it comes to renewable energy. Wind, solar and hydro power supplies more than the half of the country power.

There is not a better way to immerse you in the culture of Portugal then to dive into their delicious food, the wide range of the delicacies in Portugal to make the mouth water. Being a coasty country, seafood is an obvious must to dine on as there is a complete and fresh selection. Cod is the most popular fish. The Francesinha popular sandwich that filled up with the pork and meat topped with the melted cheese. The famous Pasteis de Belem in Lisbon with a Pastel de Nata (This custard tart is the perfect amount of the buttery, flaky and the taste of sweetness). Garlic, paprika, wine and bay leaves are almost present in all scenes. Other key ingredients are fresh fish, seafood, snails and rice. A popular soup is caldo verde with shredded kale, potato, and chourico sausage. This country has a well developed fishing industry, which is reflected in the wide variety of seafood and fish dishes eaten.

So Portugal is the face of Europe, which will leave you mesmerized by its exotic and beautiful scenic beauty. This is the country that has the oldest borders in Europe. With an exceptional range of different landscape, just a short distance away, amazing landscape, lot of leisure, activity and a unique cultural heritage, where tradition and modernity blend together in perfect harmony. Its superb cuisine, fine wine and hospitable people make this place a tourist paradise of the highest quality. Come and discover the charm of this country. A Gavin Manerowski is the best guide for the Portugal traveling; he is a very interesting person that you can’t bore with him.


Gavin Manerowski | Things to Do on Holiday in Sweden

Gavin Manerowski SwedenLast year, Gavin Manerowski visited Sweden, which is a place where eminent scientist Alfred Nobel was born and highly useful invention happened in none other than Sweden. Dynamite and ATM conceptualized are invented in Sweden, today is in extensive use. It is one of the most beautiful places in the world.  Beautiful landscapes, Giant lakes, free culture represents this country as the most favorable places for tourist all over the world. There is so much in the Sweden that you really allow yourself plenty of time to tour all over the wonders of the country. Beginning with the UNESCO heritage site Drottningholm is a dream like castle situated on the island of Lovo. The Vasa Museum is another spectacular site in the country that attracts millions of tourists around the globe. Stockholm the capital city of Sweden is an archipelago of 30000 islands so you will witness water everywhere. Stockholm is truly wonderful and there is no better way to visit this, by exploring it on the hop of a boat.

With a landscape that elicits a sense of wonder and interests, a culturally welcome people and plats full of one of kind delicacies. Wonderers place can be explored in a nick of time like Gothenburg where the metal town festival takes place and head binging to Indi – music is a musical site. There is also an opera, and the museum of world culture and fish market to see. Visby on the island of Gotland is also a city that not lost its enticing medieval beauty. It still hosts medieval week in August. Malmo is also a seaside city, known for its university as well as the Oresund Bridge that connect Sweden to Denmark.

Sweden has all the attraction of the picturesque capital city to the chilly arctic north, there is a lot to explore in the nation of Sweden. This country boasts some of the most unique architecture and hotels in the world. Sweden is also one of the greenest countries in the world. You can also explore the history of Baltic Sea life or the palaces of the Swedish royal. Northern Sweden is also blanketed in beautiful, arctic forest and is the home of the famed ice hotels. In the summer sun never sets.  Southern Sweden will find you beautiful sandy beaches, and charming cottages, not to mention some of the best food  you will have anywhere in Europe. Whenever you choose to roam Sweden has all it around.

Surrounded by Green Island, pure water, fresh air and freezing temperature probably Sweden is the place. Sweden has risen to the forefront of world culture. Sweden has much more to see. Swedish people rank as some of the happiest in the world. The land itself is as richly varied as its people with vast glaciers; dense forest and snow capped mountains make Sweden an outdoor enthusiast delight.

Cuisine in Sweden is highly known for its practicality, yet a very sustaining choice of food. Most people choose food which is high in nutrition and minerals. Swedish are very conscious with their health.  And their way of choosing the food reflects their healthy living style. Basically, their preferred dairy products like bread, food, meat. Often time vegetables and fishes are usually served in every Swedish household. And the most famous Swedish dish in the world is the Swedish Humaniskost i.e.  The food ingredients are rich in pork, fishes, cereals, milk, potato, cabbage, onion, apple and other, and smorgasbord is served as the buffet style. All authentic dishes consist of hot and cold recipe. Bread, butter and cheese are the commonality in all the dishes in Sweden. On the whole Swedish food is relatively plain, although some local’s herbs and spices are used. Tradition Swedish food is relatively high with saturated fat and sugar. Popular Swedish dishes include : Artsoppa (Pea soup), Blodpudding (Black pudding), Graved lax (Cured salmon with salt, sugar, and vinegar and dill), kaldolmar (Rolls made from the cabbage filled with pork and rice), Kotbullar (Meat balls made from the ground(minced)  beef or mixture of  ground (minced), lutfisk (An unusual dish made from the stockfish (air dried white fish) preparing using soda lye (a caustic soda solution), Raggmunk (Potato Pancakes), Kanck (A toffee eaten at Christmas). These are the some dishes of Sweden, which are very popular.

So when Gavin Manerowski visited Sweden he will get awestruck with the beauty of the Sweden, and varied culture that presently there. So go and enjoy the rich, varied culture and cuisine, which can be available in Sweden only.


Exploring the East of Iceland With Gavin Manerowski

Gavin Manerowski IcelandWhen Gavin Manerowski arrived in Iceland, he will immediately realize that finding a special place. Iceland today has the reputation to be the land with the greatest variety in the whole Europe. One can find landscapes from surreal to sublimes. The colors of Iceland include rust red craters, blue lakes, green mosses and the sea of black sand. Iceland is worth seeing in every direction.  The tourist along with me will get to know a new thing with every new direction they move around. Many imagine Iceland to be very cold place with frozen landscape, which is partly true. However, this island country has much more to offer than this.

Iceland is a country of contrasting landscape, which is why it is called the Land of Fire and Ice. You will find many glaciers when you visit Iceland, particularly in the western part of the country including the largest in Europe – Vatnajokull, but at the same time you will also find dozen of volcanoes, both active and extinct, along with the plenty of fields, hot springs and geysers. In fact Iceland has more hot springs than any other country on the earth. Aside from this Iceland also have many waterfalls, including Dettifoss, the most powerful waterfall in Europe and the beautiful Black Falls. It also has many lakes, rivers, mountains and islands, which is all worth exploring. To experience the best of Iceland’s natural wonders, make sure you heed to the golden circle, Ventures into the high land, or drop by country’s national parks – Snaefellsjokul, Vatnajokull, and Thingvellir, and be prepared to awe.

The eastern part of Iceland is considered as a paradise for hiking freaks. People are proud of this facility given by nature. The possibilities include hiking in some uninhabited places. Winter is magical in Iceland, when the mountains and plains get covered in fresh snow, the lakes and waterfalls freeze over and the Aurora Borealis or northern lights put up a heavenly show, lighting up the skies in many parts of the country. This is especially true during the Christmas season, when entire cities, towns, and village are illuminated with twinkling nights. Although many roads are closed, there are still plenty of activities available, particularly winter sports like skiing, ice skating, and bobsledding. The largest ski resort in Iceland is Blafjoll. Another amazing feature is that it is the only place in the world where you can view the sun at midnight. Yes the sunshine in the Iceland is all day long in the month of June. While in the December the sunshine most in night. These exceptionally ambiance attracts many travelers towards this destination. In winter guest can view the Aurora, these amazing pink, blue, green, and blue lights that come from North and South poles. Where else would just found beaches with the black volcanic sand, this only occur in Iceland? Despite the fact that the winter season is very cold many travelers would love to travel in the winters. When the ice, which is in white, bright color cover almost everywhere in a contradiction with a black color of volcanic lavas.  Iceland is featured for more than 200 types of birds making the paradise destination for bird watching. The capital city of Iceland gives the view of wonderful gardens next to the volcanic rough terrains. The blue lagoon is a natural water lake in Iceland, where the temperature of the water being 40 degrees all year long.

Iceland is a different, unique destination for a holiday. It is a land of various contradictions where the sun appears at night in the summer and the North Pole Aurora lights the sky in the winter. It is also known as for famous horse breed, which, though small, is known for being hardy and easy to ride. Indeed, riding an Icelandic horse is a rare and amazing experience which you will get it while travelling to the island. Gavin Manerowski loves to ride the Icelandic horse.

Iceland also has a very unique cuisine like its culture, like Puerto Rican cuisine is known for its variety of flavors, spices, and food decoration. One of the most famous foods in Iceland is cocina criolla, Sometime you will get to taste some wired dishes like “Hakarl” (Rotten Shark), Svid(Burnt Ship Head) hangikjot (Smoked Lamb) Minke Whale., Skyr (Soft cheese made from glutenious milk), Icelandic Fish. So these are some dishes which is made in Iceland.

SO just go and visit the Iceland for its tranquility, mesmerizing and spellbound beauty which you will get to know when you will be there, Iceland is a fantastic location for travelers.

Gavin Manerowski | France Specialty: Life Is Too Short For Average Food

Gavin Manerowski French FoodOne of the best things about visiting a new place, or traveling to a new country will always make you to explore the different culture, a different environment, different food, which makes that place special and living for any traveler. People keep exploring different places only due to its specialty in something, whether its culture, architect, or cuisine. One single country can offer an enormous variety of dishes. Food is always making that special and better for any explorer and traveler. Foods to keep on changing with the countries because every country differs in their culture and eating habit. There may be no better way to really get know a country than by first meeting its people, and second by investing the cuisines.

French cooking represent one of the greatest cooking on this planet. Many dishes are rich with their use of cream and alcohol… France also specializes in exquisite patisseries, Liquors, marvelous choice of wine also greet you when you visit France cuisine is reputed to be the finest in the world and has greatly influenced the cooking methods of western culture. Regional cuisine represents traditional recopies where different cooking style and ingredient are used.

Gavin Manerowski loves the variety of food eaten by French; people can be realized by following the 4 meals that usually take place at the French table. Bread and wine are always present, and the meal consists of “entrée” or opening meal. The “Plat Principal” or main course meal. The “Fromage” or cheese meal follow next itself follow by the dessert dish. When you visit France, you may be surprised when you sit down to breakfast. The traditional breakfast doesn’t consider of bacon and eggs, but instead sweet rolls and coffee. French coffee also smells and taste incredible.

One well known French delicacy is the croissant. The French take a lot of pride in making this buttery delight. When you think of French food, there are certain unusual dishes to consider. Snail known as “Escargot” is cooked in delightful butter. “Steak tartare” is another uniquely French food. This dish is a finally chopped off beef, seasoned and marinated and served very rare. It is also cooked in alcohol and when enjoyed with a glass of red wine is a memorable experience.

A famous signature French dish is “Croque Monsieur” or “Croque Madame”. This is a sandwich much like a grilled cheese, but with a twist. Ham is placed in, providing a surprise for expecting a normal grilled cheese.

For those who are a meat lover, be sure to enjoy the famous French dishes, steak frites, which is really steak and French fries. Dessert is not to be missed and sure to be considered and be sure to consider the French cookie called Macaron. Other popular selections are traditional ice cream, chocolate and variety of Danish.

Food cuisine is justifiable famous all over the world. Paris is the unofficial food capital of the world and adds to the amazing food a huge variety of wines and cheese and you will have all the ingredients for a wonderful vacation.

So France is such an extraordinary experience as for culture, and food, so go and get the famous taste of French cuisine which will leave you spellbound.

Light, refined, learned and noble, harmonious, and orderly, clear and logical, the cooking of France is something that made its cuisines the world better…

Gavin Manerowski’s Journey to Malaysia In The Harvesting Festival

Gavin Manerowski in Malaysia

As you may start to plan your vacation, consider visiting the beautiful and interesting country of Malaysia. You’ll be delighted with the multicultural make-up of the Malays, Chinese and Indians. They discuss the cultural traditions of the Kadazan-Dusun, Iban and various others. Special Malaysia tours will give you such a variety of attractions and activities you’ll want to plan another trip to be sure you don’t miss anything at all.Gavin Manerowski on Malaysia Trip

Many people love to plan their journeys around different holidays and events. During the last year, Gavin Manerowski planned a trip at a very special time is the Tadau Kaamatan, also known as the harvesting Festival. This is a festival that celebrates the ending of harvest and the beginning of a fresh season. The activities get started surrounding the end of May and continue for an entire month. Your Malaysia tour throughout the festival will be filled up with watching traditional dances, cultural performances, traditional sports activities and the Unduk Ngadau pageant. That is the crowning of The Harvest Festival Queen. You won’t want to miss a bite of all the traditional food and the possibility to get involved in the interactive activities.

As you have a chance to study the history of the Harvest Festival you will discover how closely the Kadazan-Dusun individuals were attached to rice planting and farming. They believe their great ancestors suffered an awful famine. Their god, Kinoingan, felt so bad for these people that he offered his daughter, Huminodun, as a sacrifice. It is said that her flesh was spread over the fields and land. From her flesh sprang each of the first rice plants. The Kadazan-Dusun people believe Huminodun’s soul is embodied in the rice. The Harvest Celebration is the celebration to honor the sacrifice and blessings. The friendship and merry making will continue through the month in several different ritual periods.

It is wonderful to visit Malaysia during a special holiday or event, but it is also incredibly exciting to plan one of the Malaysia tours to see the history and beauty of the country. You will see primeval jungles with unique wildlife, beautiful beaches with crystal blue water and exciting cosmopolitan night life. Or, you might visit places like Kuala Lumpur, Langkawi, Penang and Borneo. Your trip to Malaysia will be nothing briefest of the trip of a lifetime!

Gavin Manerowski | Exploring the Cuisine of Bali

The name Bali conjures up images of golden sands and azure blue seas, and with good reason – this pretty Indonesian island lies just 8 degrees south of the equator, and is part of an area known as the Coral Triangle, that which hosts the richest diversity of marine species in the world. As an island province of neighbouring Indonesia, Bali has its own distinct identity, and nowhere is this more apparent than in its cuisine.

Seasoned travellers such as Gavin Manerowski know that some of the most authentic local dishes in Bali are to be found at the street-side snack bars and mobile cafes.  Typically catering for the locals, these vendors offer cheap, fresh-cookeGavin Manerowskid meals prepared using traditional methods, and are often strikingly different from the tourist fare served in restaurants and hotels. Local Balinese palates demand a more authentic taste than the typical Indonesian and Chinese dishes favoured by the standard traveller.

Bali is not a rich nation, and everyday eating is a functional affair; the meals are simple, wholesome and nutritious, and flavoured with spicy condiments. It is during festivals that the Balinese flair for food really comes into its own. Festival dishes are painstakingly prepared, and are often elaborate and beautifully presented – suckling pig is a favourite Balinese festival dish.

Bumbu Bali is one restaurant on the island that stands out from the crowd. In a delightfully authentic setting, guests are treated to the only menu on the island that lists traditional Balinese foods, prepared using ancient methods. As the majority of islanders are Hindu, beef is rarely eaten in Bali, with pork and chicken being favoured as the meat alternatives. Basa gede is a spicy paste that forms the basis for the flavour of many traditional Balinese dishes, along with basa genep, another popular spice blend. Other common flavours in Balinese cuisine derive from tabia lala manis, a soy sauce rich with chillies.

Lawar is blend of chicken or park meat and blood, with chopped garlic coconut and chilli, and is very popular in Bali, as are sate lilit, formed by skewering pressed spiced mince onto a stick. Nasi Campur Bali is the traditional mixed rice found on the island, and refers to a dish of rice adorned with a range of nuts, eggs, meat and vegetables. For travellers like Gavin Manerowski, sampling the traditional foods of their travel destinations is one of the delights of travel, and with dishes such as these on offer in Bali, it is easy to see why.

The Five Great Lakes of North America

Canada is home to no fewer than 30,000 freshwater lakes. Littering the landscape these glittering pools offer not only outstanding natural beauty, but are also a great source of food and water for the country, and offer numerous Gavin Manerowski opportunities for recreational pursuits. Yet for travellers such as Gavin Manerowski, it is the five Great Lakes that hold the biggest allure. Lakes Ontario, Erie, Huron, Superior and Michigan lie landlocked along the Canadian and US border, and collectively comprise the single largest body of freshwater on the planet. Their 6 quadrillion gallons of water accounts for one fifth of all the fresh water on Earth.

Lake Michigan

The name of this lake offers a clue as to its immense proportions, as ‘Michigan’ derives from the word ‘mishigami’, the Ojibwa Indian word for large lake. In fact it is only the third largest of the Great Lakes by surface area, but nevertheless spans an impressive 22,300 sqm. It is also the only one of the five Great Lakes that is situated entirely within US borders.

Lake Huron

Beating Lake Michigan on surface area by just 700 extra square miles, Lake Huron is the second largest of the Great Lakes. Dotted with numerous small islands, Lake Huron boasts the longest shoreline of all the lakes, at 3,827 miles. It is named after the Hurons, also known as the Wyandot Indians, who used to live along its shores.

Lake Erie

This long narrow lake is the shallowest of the five and the one which holds the least water. It is the fourth largest of the Great Lakes by surface area. Its name means ‘Long Tail’ in Iroquoian, a term that accurately describes its shape.

Lake Ontario

The smallest of the Great Lakes, Lake Ontario has a surface area of 7,340 square miles. Its surface dimensions are comparable with those of Lake Erie, but it is exceptionally deep and consequently plays host to around four times the amount of water. Lake Ontario is situated at the base of Niagara Falls, and takes its name from the Huron word that means Lake of Shining Water.

Lake Superior

As its name suggests, Lake Superior is the most expansive of the Great Lakes by quite a large margin, and holds the largest volume of water. In fact, the name ‘Superior’ derived from the French ‘Lac Superior’, which simply means ‘upper lake’, and reflects its location north of Lake Huron.

There is no doubt that these glacially carved lakes have a magical quality that will continue to draw travellers like Gavin Manerowski to their shores. They have an enduring appeal, and form an integral part of the lives of the people who live beside them.

Gavin Manerowski | Best Tennis Holidays in Europe

For anyone who enjoys the thrill and challenge of a good game of tennis, combining this favorite sport with a holiday can be an appealing option. Those in search of tennis holidays have traditionally headed for Florida, which is Gavin Manerowski Tennishome to more tennis resorts than the whole of Europe combined. Enticing, but nevertheless a long haul destination, Florida is just not as convenient as Europe.

In recognition of this, short-haul tennis offerings have been increasing in number in recent years.  This offers UK-based tennis-lovers like Gavin Manerowski plenty of options to maximize their time on court, and keep their time in the air to a minimum. Here are three of the best tennis-orientated resorts and hotels available closer to home.

1: Aphrodite Hills, Cyprus

This quality tennis academy boasts four championship standard courts where guests can play against a backdrop of stunning Mediterranean views. The academy offers group lessons, individual tuition and even a partner-matching service for guests who wish to extend their time on court beyond the training sessions. For non-playing partners the resort has a tempting spa, and an immaculate golf course, and there is a choice of accommodation in the form of luxury apartments and villas, or a five-star hotel.

2: Abama, Tenerife

Tenerife has long labored under the misconception that it is a down-market resort, but appears to be deep in a period of reinvention. The luxurious resort at Abama offers and exclusive tennis club and golfing facilities, along with a sumptuous spa;  set on 395 acres and nestled between the mountains and the sea, the Abama resort is perfectly placed to offer guests the best of everything Tenerife has to offer. Daily tennis coaching in groups is available on a pick-and-mix option that can deliver up to six hours of guided court time each day, plus one-on-one lessons if desired.

3: La Manga, Murcia

The scale of this Spanish tennis heaven is quite staggering – with 28 courts there is no shortage of play time, and with the number of players on site it is easy to find opponents of a similar playing standard. After a nail-biting assessment on day one, course attendees are divided into groups of similar expertise for two-hourly coaching sessions each weekday morning. The rest of the time is dedicated to free play, or as much rest and relaxation as guests choose, perfect for travelers like Gavin Manerowski who enjoy exploring their holiday destination as well as indulging their love of the sport. This resort offers accommodation for a range of budgets, and also caters for children, with junior training sessions, and a handy crèche for the tiniest guests.



Gavin Manerowski | Greece in the Spring time

Greece is one of Europe’s most popular holiday destinations, and as such invests heavily in its tourism industry. For those wishing to travel to Greece, like regular holiday goer Gavin Manerowski, the country offers a multitude of options. Although there is sunshine galore in the spring, there are areas in the high mountains, including the dragon lakes that tend to attract more of a breeze.  The weather in Greece can get extremely hot, and therefore a spring time break rather than a summer excursion might appeal more to the holiday goer. Noted Greek enthusiast Gavin Manerowski particularly enjoys the 5,600 species of plants that can be admired across the country.

Gavin Manerowski

Of course Greece is famous for its history as much as its present day appeals. The Ancient Greeks are largely renowned as one of the most intelligent collections of people to ever exist on planet earth, making huge discoveries about the world we live in, despite having nowhere near the technological advantages of the present day. Greek History can be followed back as far as the Stone Ages, with examples of Ancient Greek hunters being readily discovered and examined. Amongst the proud history of Ancient Greece is none other than Herodotus, a man known to many as the ‘father of history’. Today, we are able to learn about the Ancient Greeks and their time through his records, but also through things like temples, pottery and other objects of the time.

For people interested in Greece as a country, not simply a holiday location such as Gavin Manerowski it is important to look at the Economy.  A subject of ridicule in many of the EU countries, especially Great Britain and Germany, the Greek economy has faced some difficulty in recent years. Since adopting the euro, Greece has faced some difficulty in financial terms, and from 2010 onwards has been known for the “Greek debt crisis”. This debt crisis came about due to Greece and other countries borrowing large sums of money from banks without following the proper methods to denote this borrowing. The debt crisis continues today.