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Gavin Manerowski | Things to Do on Holiday in Sweden

Gavin Manerowski SwedenLast year, Gavin Manerowski visited Sweden, which is a place where eminent scientist Alfred Nobel was born and highly useful invention happened in none other than Sweden. Dynamite and ATM conceptualized are invented in Sweden, today is in extensive use. It is one of the most beautiful places in the world.  Beautiful landscapes, Giant lakes, free culture represents this country as the most favorable places for tourist all over the world. There is so much in the Sweden that you really allow yourself plenty of time to tour all over the wonders of the country. Beginning with the UNESCO heritage site Drottningholm is a dream like castle situated on the island of Lovo. The Vasa Museum is another spectacular site in the country that attracts millions of tourists around the globe. Stockholm the capital city of Sweden is an archipelago of 30000 islands so you will witness water everywhere. Stockholm is truly wonderful and there is no better way to visit this, by exploring it on the hop of a boat.

With a landscape that elicits a sense of wonder and interests, a culturally welcome people and plats full of one of kind delicacies. Wonderers place can be explored in a nick of time like Gothenburg where the metal town festival takes place and head binging to Indi – music is a musical site. There is also an opera, and the museum of world culture and fish market to see. Visby on the island of Gotland is also a city that not lost its enticing medieval beauty. It still hosts medieval week in August. Malmo is also a seaside city, known for its university as well as the Oresund Bridge that connect Sweden to Denmark.

Sweden has all the attraction of the picturesque capital city to the chilly arctic north, there is a lot to explore in the nation of Sweden. This country boasts some of the most unique architecture and hotels in the world. Sweden is also one of the greenest countries in the world. You can also explore the history of Baltic Sea life or the palaces of the Swedish royal. Northern Sweden is also blanketed in beautiful, arctic forest and is the home of the famed ice hotels. In the summer sun never sets.  Southern Sweden will find you beautiful sandy beaches, and charming cottages, not to mention some of the best food  you will have anywhere in Europe. Whenever you choose to roam Sweden has all it around.

Surrounded by Green Island, pure water, fresh air and freezing temperature probably Sweden is the place. Sweden has risen to the forefront of world culture. Sweden has much more to see. Swedish people rank as some of the happiest in the world. The land itself is as richly varied as its people with vast glaciers; dense forest and snow capped mountains make Sweden an outdoor enthusiast delight.

Cuisine in Sweden is highly known for its practicality, yet a very sustaining choice of food. Most people choose food which is high in nutrition and minerals. Swedish are very conscious with their health.  And their way of choosing the food reflects their healthy living style. Basically, their preferred dairy products like bread, food, meat. Often time vegetables and fishes are usually served in every Swedish household. And the most famous Swedish dish in the world is the Swedish Humaniskost i.e.  The food ingredients are rich in pork, fishes, cereals, milk, potato, cabbage, onion, apple and other, and smorgasbord is served as the buffet style. All authentic dishes consist of hot and cold recipe. Bread, butter and cheese are the commonality in all the dishes in Sweden. On the whole Swedish food is relatively plain, although some local’s herbs and spices are used. Tradition Swedish food is relatively high with saturated fat and sugar. Popular Swedish dishes include : Artsoppa (Pea soup), Blodpudding (Black pudding), Graved lax (Cured salmon with salt, sugar, and vinegar and dill), kaldolmar (Rolls made from the cabbage filled with pork and rice), Kotbullar (Meat balls made from the ground(minced)  beef or mixture of  ground (minced), lutfisk (An unusual dish made from the stockfish (air dried white fish) preparing using soda lye (a caustic soda solution), Raggmunk (Potato Pancakes), Kanck (A toffee eaten at Christmas). These are the some dishes of Sweden, which are very popular.

So when Gavin Manerowski visited Sweden he will get awestruck with the beauty of the Sweden, and varied culture that presently there. So go and enjoy the rich, varied culture and cuisine, which can be available in Sweden only.